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kcmurphy22 08.09.2009 02:09

Unknown song
OK this will probably be a stupid post but her it goes. My daughter remembers a song that had a big affect on her and I think it was either a Creedance or John Fogerty songIt would be pre 85'. I cant really remember nearly anything. I think it had the words about a "light in the sky or something. It had a more 'mystical" feel to it and not a typical Creedence style. We played it often and I truly cant recall anything else. I will ask my daughter. I looked at all the albums and none of the songs jumped out an i looked at many lyrics ut no luck. It was never played on the radio. Just an old favorite of my daughters so any help will be appreciated.

Javier Pérez 08.09.2009 02:21

unknown song
I think the song you're talking about could be "Long as i can see the light"
It's a different song and it's my prefered!

kcmurphy22 08.09.2009 03:38

Thank you but I discovered it on my own. It's Sail Away on Fogerty's album. I looked for an hour and 10 min after the post I found it. Now I would like to know what it's about...will work on it
Thank you

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