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Anonymous 23.05.2003 07:28

why doesn't the band get back together for a reunion tour?

Anonymous 24.05.2003 23:07

because, john stay for a solo carrier

Anonymous 07.06.2003 17:17

.... and .... because they are not such good friends anymore .... haven't you heard about the lawsuit years ago?

Anonymous 08.06.2003 02:43

and.....because Tom Fogerty is dead...

JOHNFAN 09.11.2004 17:28


kaiser 11.11.2004 07:19

jim morrison is death too, and the doors are still giving conncerts

kaiser 11.11.2004 07:23

why shouldn?t the great creedence do the same

Anonymous 13.11.2004 23:16

but the doors arent the doors no more, because jim morrison was the doors.

if john says yes it`s ok, but if he doesnt want ist, forget it HE was and is ccr

Anonymous 16.11.2004 08:38

johon is their face but anyway with or without him they?re still ccr, they are not the same but they are

Anonymous 22.11.2004 18:29

they would have never been ccr without him! thats my opinion!

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