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Anonymous 22.08.2002 22:35

Hi, my name is Eve, and I work for a motion picture packaging firm in the Los Angeles area. We are trying to reach at least one of the original Creedence Clearwater band members. Does anyone know how I might reach one of them?
Would greatly appreciate any help. I can be reached at: Many thanks!

Anonymous 07.06.2003 19:53

you could try to reach John through his recordlabel Dreamworks and/or his website [url=][/url]

Anonymous 09.06.2003 08:57

ask God if you can speak to Tom.

Anonymous 25.02.2004 00:35

tom cant answer

Fish 15.10.2004 09:55

Tom now plays with Jerry Garcia and i hear it's out of this world!

carin sapulette 19.08.2007 18:04

Thomas what do you mean ??

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