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CaptScott 24.03.2005 04:30

I have recently taken a governement class on the 60's politics. The 60's was a time were the music directly reflected that time period and culture. I have been assigned this song, and i was wondering what your guys interpetation of the song was so that i might have something to discuss



Anonymous 27.03.2005 00:32

slightly OTT but it is amazing how the song can also be applied to current day politics
Bush - senator son fortunate enough not having to serve

The lyrics are relatively straightforward. IMHO they concern the social devide of the priveliged [rich and politically well acquainted] and how CCR members are comparatively comparatively unpriveliged.
This is very applicable to the Vietnam conflict as the most social disadvantaged were sent to keep rich and influential citizens content. [Incidentally a lot of the poorer classes were black adding a racist edge to the issue].

Anonymous 27.03.2005 23:15

I kind of agree with the above statement in most ways.
In the 'nam conflict, I think that it was relatively simple. The more wealthy kids could get out of being drafted by going to college.
Now as for the racist issue, A lot of the blacks were in the poorer classes and they ended up going to that war because they didn't have a way out of being drafted and as is still present today they had no other financial way out of the ghetto. You may find that although there is no draft, the lower income people and the areas where there is high unemployment is where the military recruiters are targeting.
Now, if you want some anti-war songs. Try , Country Joe's "I Feel like I'm fixin to Die Rag from Woodstock, Dylan's (less subtie, "Blowing in the WInd", more blunt, "Masters of War" or the more popular Edwin Starr: "War"

To me "Fortuntate Son" is about more than the war though. It has to do with the anti-establisment mvt of the 60's,the divide in classes and the empathy that the songwriter is attempting to conjure with the 'average' lower income/middle class listeners.

Anonymous 28.03.2005 15:54

First part, Then: someone denying he's lead a priviledged life?
Today: Perhaps a Senator's son denying he got special treatment?:

"Some folks are born made to wave the flag, ooh, they're red, white and blue.
And when the band plays "Hail To The Chief", oh, they point the cannon at you, Lord,
It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no senator's son,
It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one, no,"

This part is pretty clear, Then: critical of those practicing conspicuous comsumption, except when the tax man comes around. Today: Millionaires complaining of high taxes? Complaints about the 'Death Tax'?

"Some folks are born silver spoon in hand, Lord, don't they help themselves, oh.
But when the taxman come to the door, Lord, the house look a like a rummage sale, yes,
It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no millionaire's son.
It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one, no."

The last part, then as now, poor youths going off to war to protect foreign investments of the rich:

"Yeh, some folks inherit star spangled eyes, ooh, they send you down to war, Lord,
And when you ask them, how much should we give, oh, they only answer, more, more, more, yoh,

It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no military son, It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one,
It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one, no no no, It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate son, no no no,"

Marko 29.09.2010 19:31

I can tell what fortunate son mean to me, during 1991 to 1999 Serbia was in war with Slovenia, Croatia, muslems from Bosnia and in end with Nato. I was serving my time in army and have few fights. In my country every one must serve army, and when was time for fight no sons of rich fathers, politicians, doctors or high rank military sons was near. They are sitting in home or in some country far from Serbia. And when us no fortunate sons was in war they have fun. Every day in army I think about this song and haw is it real....

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