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Spiritinthesky 06.08.2008 01:32

What song was #1 on the day you were born
Have you ever done this?

Some people believe our lives are profoundly influenced by whatever pop song was #1 on the day we were born.

See if you have a CCR song on your or kids birthday.

My number #1's are:
'You're So Vain' by Carly Simon in the US
'Long Haired Lover From Liverpool' by Little Jimmy Osmond in the UK
'Ben' by Michael Jackson in Australia

See which songs you get

Spiritinthesky 12.08.2008 02:25

On the day Barack Obama was born it was Tossiní And Turniní by Bobby Lewis

George W. Bush had The Gypsy by The Ink Spots

Bill Clinton - To Each His Own - Eddy Howard

Hillary Clinton - Near You - Francis Craig

baker2575 12.08.2008 09:43

That figures...
McCain is too old to check on this list...

jr2280 19.08.2008 08:43

Amanda - Boston


Fogy Fan 19.08.2008 10:06

Iím Too Sexy - Right Said Fred :D

Fogy Fan 07.09.2008 11:06

You callin' me fat?

Voyeur 04.12.2009 09:36

[I]How Can You Mend a Broken Heart[/I] - Bee Gees

ChuckEMong 19.11.2011 08:38

Bird Dog - Everly Brothers

Spiritinthesky 17.01.2012 13:15

Any get a Creedence song?

Arisin Wind 17.02.2012 00:27

[QUOTE=Spiritinthesky;4334]Any get a Creedence song?[/QUOTE]

CCR didn't have a #1 hit in the US.

MattyJ 23.10.2012 03:21

I don't know who the number one was for the day I was born but I do know that my second favorite band Steely Dan was #2 with their hit Jazzman in 1974. Brings me back thinking bout this, So stoked Donald Fagen has releases a new album on Itune called "Sunken Condos." Maybe he'll get a number one song on by my next birthday. :super:

audiolulu97 28.11.2012 03:30

Hi of France !!

Spiritinthesky 19.08.2015 20:17

This can make you feel very old!

LaughingSnowman 25.09.2018 23:48

Always by Atlantic Starr - I don't even know who that is lol.

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