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Fogy Fan 09.01.2008 07:47

Favorite Album Cover
Creedence Clearwater Revival

Bayou Country

Green River

Willy and the Poor Boys

Cosmo's Factory


Mardi Gras

For me I would have to go with their first album[IMG][/IMG]

jr2280 20.02.2008 00:12


sreeja 07.03.2008 11:07

My favourite is Green River:hi:

Fogy Fan 29.03.2008 09:07

Green River probably my second favorite.

Poor Boy 06.04.2008 02:53

Bayou Country

freebird 21.07.2008 00:31

green river got a nice cover, it's a great picture..
but cosmo's factory got a picture nice too...
I don't understand the mardi grass cover... who is that girl?

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