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Mary Lou 10.09.2009 23:50

John Fogerty gig in Esslingen, Germany
I've just come home from Heidelberg, Germany, where I participated in the International Summer Language Course.
On 28th July John Fogerty played an open-air concert in Esslingen which is not far from Heidelberg... And I was there!!!!! With my friend from France Olivier, his daughter Marnella and my brother.
I remember I had once a talk with Da River Boat Queen, a wonderful person from Fogerty forum, about John Fogerty and Creedence music. She said to me, "Don't worry - maybe someday soon you shall cross his path".
If you want something badly and try hard enough to make your dream come true, one day it will! I had no idea I would ever be able to see John Fogerty playing live. It was just a coincidence of circumstances - that I received a grant to attend those courses in July and August... when he was in Germany.
I think I didn't actually believe my own eyes when I was there...
And now I can hardly believe it did happen... But a John Fogerty T-shirt reminds me about everything:) It was all happening!!!!! :yahoo:
We were standing just close enough to the stage to see and hear everything. John played about twenty Creedence and his own songs, and we loved every note of them! His band was also fantastic! I had seen the guys before on TV. I took a liking for the fiddle player - he and John made a perfect duet on the songs from "The Blue Ridge Rangers". They sounded even more country than they did on that LP!!! The audience jumped and rocked, clapped and stamped their feet, and I felt part of it all.
John himself was unbelievable! He was like a bundle of energy! Even my brother who doesn't like Creedence and that kind of music at all said something like "that guy's pretty cool":) It's a pity that he (Fogerty) said goodbye too soon, we really felt like one more song! :)
The only one disappointment of the eve was that I had to leave my camera at the entrance, so I couldn't take pictures. But just a look at my T-shirt takes me back to those wonderful moments!
On our way back we came upon a van of "Million Milers" - the most dedicated Fogerty fans who follow him around Europe (at least a friend of mine said so).
A breath-taking and roof-ripping gig! The best I've ever been to.

Now I'm listening to "Return of the Blue Ridge Rangers". I can't say this LP is John's best ever. But taking into account my great love for country music, it's very nice! Especially the song "Garden Party" by Ricky Nelson)

Admin 12.09.2009 00:17

Thank you, Mary Lou, for your share of joy here. You're lucky girl! :hi:

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