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Anonymous 30.05.2004 06:16

Why isnt ccr considered a good commercial band?
Why the Creedence Clearwater Revival is not considered a good comercial band

John Cardoso 27.06.2004 11:58

Who said That??

Fortunate Fan 17.08.2004 20:51

They sold millions and millions of records, got seven platinum albums and they're not considered a good comercial band???

Anonymous 19.08.2004 20:10

Think he means they don't capitalise that much. Merchandising with T-shirts, posters, badges etc

John Cardoso 23.08.2004 08:01

Creedence existiu ,como banda,apenas por trez anos,e naquela epoca ninguem se preocupava muito com camisetas,posters e essas coisas.Estou falando de um periodo entre 68 e 71.
Sorry for those who don?t speak portuguese.This is an answer for a Brazilian fan.

Anonymous 06.03.2006 11:39

I believe part of CCR's mystique is that they didn't appear to be a successful "groomed, commercial" business entity. Everything about them that I could see in the early 70's looked genuine. The fact that their music sounds as good today as back then is a real testiment to their impact on history, and I'm glad that they are able to witness it 30+ years later.

hitbit 16.11.2006 20:46

They were uncompromising. Never sold their souls to the devil, Remained true to their music and fans. Not traits liked by the music moguls but loved by millions worldwide, half of whom were born long after the sad demise of a super band who are up there in terms of quality with the Stones, Beatles etc and who should have been there in time too. This was a band who could have rocked till they dropped. Creedence have left a legacy and will always be loved, admired and appreciated by those blessed with an ear for music and an understanding of the meaning behind lyrics.


Javier Pérez 07.03.2007 21:21

they remain alive!
Thew were nº 1 around the world, for more time than any group remains now at the top!
My daughter is 16 and yesterday we spent more than 2 hours singing Creedence's songs. She heard when she traveled with me and after some years past, she remembered any song! This music goes into your heart because it's authentic and remains there forever. I'll die with!

Love C.C.R. peace, not war!

Jim Colyer 23.08.2007 09:38

CCR has never been given the credit they deserve. They are one of the greatest groups of the rock era.

Arisin Wind 06.03.2008 00:41

[QUOTE=Jim Colyer;2405]CCR has never been given the credit they deserve. They are one of the greatest groups of the rock era.[/QUOTE]

I agree!

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