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Mc_Topaz 06.04.2005 19:44

I search the setlist from this concert.

I got some already:

1) Born on the bayou
2) Green River
3) ???
4) Travlin band
5) Fortunate son
6) ???
7) Midnight special
8) Bad moon rising
9) Proud Mary
10) ???
11) Good Golly miss Molly
12) Keep on choggling

Anonymous 08.04.2005 09:16

I'm pretty sure "Tombstone Shadow" is after "Green River". I have a dvd with 30 min. of this concert and the setlist is the same as yours until number 5. Then it is totally different. The order of the songs on my dvd is "Born on the bayou" "Green river" Tombstone shadow" "Travlin band" "Midnight special" "Proud mary" and "Kepp on chooglin" Truely, I have no idea. I hope you find your answer.

Mc_Topaz 08.04.2005 11:21

Hum... thanks. Tombstone Shadow comes after Green River, that's for sure. Strange that you have a sorter version. My version is about 49:50 min. And if I don't remeber wrong their should be Commotion as number six.

Music Girl 09.04.2005 11:45

Hey man! I got the whole set list from the concert. I came across a dvd I dont know what company made but at least I got te set list. Ok here it is 'Born on the bayou' 'Green river' 'Tombstone shadow' 'Travilin band' 'Fortunate son' 'Commotion' 'Midnight special' 'Bad moon risin' 'Proud mary' 'Noght time is the right time' 'Good gollly miss molly' 'Keep on chooglin' With the info you gave me and the info I already have I am 99% sure this is the song list. I hope this answers your question! Have a nice day and ROCK ON!!!

Mc_Topaz 09.04.2005 14:14

Thanks :)

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