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Fish 15.10.2004 10:48

Dear Stu, Doug & John,
What would it take for you guy's to drop all the crap thats happened and get into the studio do a new album and a worldwide tour? Anything is forgiveable and obviously forgiveness is whats needed on all sides dont you think? Can you Imagine a tour and the love that would be felt from the sea of endless fans at each show? Do it for Tom Fogerty if nothing else he would have loved to have seen this happen! Maybe even Jeff Fogerty could fill in for Tom??????? come on guys the endless arguments and B.S. has hurt the best Rock n Roll band America ever had and it's hurt the many many Fans who have wanted you guys to get over it for the past 32 years!

ckyh25 16.10.2004 07:59

i think that you guys should get together and play a tour. that would mean so much to me and others. ccr 4 life.

Anonymous 20.10.2004 02:36

would be great
J?rg from Germany

dave watts 22.10.2004 00:47

its pointless to get back together its all been done,there are plenty of tribute bands doing it all over . a site like this should be more about what your doing now and where you are going and not so much about what you were.if someone messed up my life or let me down badly i would never forgive them .nobody ever forgives anyboby else for anything ,they just pretend too.when you have a bunch of poor boys with no money trying to make ends meet living on the edge ,they are going to write and feel thier music with greater passion than a bunch of old farts rideing the gravy train.

Anonymous 23.10.2004 01:26

No . I cannot imagine a reunion with John ,Doug & Stu. They were & they are still the best Rock & Roll band of all time. They were also like brothers. But you Doug & Stu :what have you done ? aren't you ashamed to wear the CREEDENCE name on your shoulders. John can be proud of his work and can be proud of his mentality. He was the best. Creedence was magic . But it's finish now.A 'D?ja-Vu' can never happen again. Olivier . Paris . France

Anonymous 26.10.2004 06:03

I don't think antagonizing Doug & Stu will get them reconcile. Oh, hi BTW. I'm new. Big CCR fan.

seckels 26.10.2004 06:06

[i]I don't think antagonizing Doug & Stu will get them reconcile. Oh, hi BTW. I'm new. Big CCR fan.[/i]

Oops. I was the one who posted this.

Fish 31.10.2004 14:10

In just 3 years it'll be the 40th anniversary of America's greatest Rock N Roll Band "Creedence Clearwater Revival" They should do an album they Could do an album and they should tour! Shitty buisness deals with Fantasy records is over and done with. For bad feelings and continued bitterness to continue is Bullshit on everyones part. Come on John, Doug & Stu get your shit together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 22.12.2004 01:30

I would realy realy great to see ccr on a tour! I bet there would also be many fan?s in Austria or Germany on the concerts!!!

Markus from Austria(Ober?sterreich)

jo 31.12.2004 18:34

Revival of Creedence Clearwater Revival is the best what can happen in my life

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