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nerdistmonk 24.09.2012 04:40

[quote=Tomaso;4576]Get a life.[/quote]

Lets try not to insult each other ok? Especially when your directing that comment at someone's post from 7+ years ago.


Tomaso 25.09.2012 00:38

Silly me, I didn't see the 7 years.

Lorenzo 25.09.2012 21:55

[B]It's fun to dream and hope...[/B]

I realize that this issue has been truly beaten into the ground.

I can understand newbies who may dream of actually being able to witness a "reunion" with John leading the charge of Creedence Clearwater Revival with Stu and Doug kicking out the bottom end.

I can also understand those who witnessed with their own senses an actual performance of the original members back in the day hoping to re-kindle the flame.

But -- and let's make that a real [SIZE=3]big [/SIZE][SIZE=4]BUT[/SIZE], when John is taking care of fulfilling the wishes of his fans with the following types of turnouts in his recently completed tour of Canada, I just have a sinking suspicion that it has left very little personal energy to put into a "reunion" show.


Just trying to keep "it" real. ;)


Westernalex 06.10.2012 16:45


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