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Javier Pérez 11.04.2007 17:36

C.c.r.'s Songs Ranking
Hi there!
I think it will be interesting to know what are our prefered songs.
I invite you to left here your choice, almost three (3) songs and will give points like 3 , 2 , 1 and i compromise to recount them weekly to make this rank for all of you.
I hope you like my idea!
To start here are my votes:
1st - long as i can see the ligt
2nd- lodi
3rd- who'll stop the rain

Thanks to read me!

Javier Pérez 15.04.2007 03:56

120 visitors
Hi again!

120 visitors and nobody has left the votes! I'm not happy!I think you can do better man! Let's vote!

Here is the first ranking:

position song points users voted previous
------- ------------------------ ------ ----------- --------
1st AS LONG AS I CAN SEE T 3 1 000
2nd LODI 2 1 000
3rd WHO'LL STOP THE RAIN? 1 1 000

Til next saturday, thanks!

Javier Pérez 15.04.2007 04:00


Sorry, i mistaked the correct title of "LONG AS I CAN SEE THE LIGHT"


Let's vote!

Javier Pérez 22.04.2007 05:36

2nd week ranking
here is the updated ranking including the votes of people from the thread "favourite songs" from the main forum who gave almost 3 songs.

--song----------------------votes----- users voted-----
Green river--------------------13---------------5
Born on the bayou-------------11---------------5
Have you ever seen the rain----10---------------4
Long as i can see the light-------9---------------4
Bad moon rising-----------------7---------------4
Wholl stop the rain--------------7---------------4
Proud Mary---------------------7---------------4
Run through the jungle----------6---------------2
Fortunate son------------------4---------------3
Down on the corner-------------4---------------3
Penthouse pauper---------------4---------------2
Someday never comes-----------3---------------1
Sweet Hitch Hicker--------------3---------------1
Looking out my back door--------3---------------1
The midnight special-------------3---------------1
Wrote song for everyone---------3---------------1
Up Around the bend-------------3----------------1
Graveyard train------------------3---------------1
Feeling blue---------------------3---------------1
Ramble Tamble------------------2---------------2
Pagan baby---------------------2---------------1
I put a spell on you--------------2---------------1
It came out of the sky-----------2---------------1
Cotton fields--------------------2---------------1
I heard it through the grapevine--2---------------1
Sinister purpose-----------------1---------------1
Tombstone shadow--------------1---------------1

Please let your votes here!

Admin 24.04.2007 10:55

[quote=Javier Pérez;2322]120 visitors and nobody has left the votes! I'm not happy!I think you can do better man! Let's vote![/quote]
I wonder why you don't like our main poll on this topic at our [URL=""]charts page[/URL]? :confused:

Javier Pérez 24.04.2007 16:27

main poll
[QUOTE=admin;2333]I wonder why you don't like our main poll on this topic at our [URL=""]charts page[/URL]? :confused:[/QUOTE]

Hi man!

Great to hear from you!
This was because i didn't knew it was a poll when i published my idea to create a ranking. I'm from Spain as you know, and my english is not so good!
I speak Spanish, French, and Català as well, but my english needs to improve.
Anyway people says that it's very difficult to choose only one song, even three is difficult, and i tried to give the chance to vote for the 3 better ones.

There is no problem on closing this ranking thread, i will not be angry with you, and will continue to participate with all in this nice forum.I'm first a great CCR fan since 1968 when i was 13 and i'm not ready to change my opinion!
I offer you my help if you need it for anything.
Read you soon!


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