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Anonymous 12.04.2004 02:08

Was John trying other fields in this piece? Was he thinking about a real change in the band's sound or
was it just fooling around ?

The instrumental is nice during the first 2 minutes; than it gets psychedelic, which is OK (but probably not for
a band like CCR) and after that it's just a mess... progressive? Avant garde? don't know how to describe

Anonymous 22.05.2004 13:14

I have a feeling, and no I can't back it up, but I think it was one of the first steps towards the democracy that Tom, Stu and Doug were demanding. The whole band is listed as the composers. While the intro sounds very "John", after a while, all hell breaks loose. Another possibility is the sound engineer left the room and the guys just started screwing around. Either way, it signals the beginning of the end. So sad.

John Cardoso 27.06.2004 12:22

Guys,guys,it is just an experience just like the second part of WALK ON THE WATER
In the late sixties every band was trying to find a knew sound.After Sargent Pepper?s every band in that age
tried to find a knew song,that?s all!!

Hank_gvn 20.07.2004 19:25

Yep, the instrumental's pretty strange, but I like it :). John's really an awesome guitarist.

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