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nerdistmonk 03.11.2013 11:30

Bad Moon Rising (Original Raw Quad Mix)
Here you go guys, someone finally managed to upload a copy of the BMR Quad recording (it was used to make CCR: Gold, that really expensive vinyl thats nigh impossible to find), enjoy BMR as it was originally laid out before being mixed down for vinyl

Heres 2 mixes that the user made from it:



Arisin Wind 08.11.2013 07:56

Nice. Two very different sounds from the same source.

nerdistmonk 08.11.2013 10:32


This is a first generation copy from the master tape of 'cosmos factory'

Arisin Wind 10.11.2013 19:01

I have that - MFSL Cosmo's Factory. Bought it a couple of decades ago. It's been played less than 10 times. I would pkay it and record it on some metal tape. I'd play the tape instead of the record and when the tape wore out I'd do it all over again. It's a great sounding LP. I recently digitized it 24bit 48000. I used it as the baseline to remaster my CCR CD's. They came out sounding less harsh, a little warmer.

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