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denmcmas 30.06.2004 01:18

John Fogerty has long been my favorite songwriter and musician. I finally got to see him live at Villa Montalvo in Saratoga, CA on 06-25-04. Awesome was the only word to describe it. If someone had told me back in High School in 1970 that in 2004 I would get to see Fogerty live singing all the Creedence songs I have said they were crazy! He opened with Born on the Bayou and closed the encore with Proud Mary. Played virtually all the Creedence songs for this show except Travelin Band and Run Through the Jungle. Also played Centerfield(probably the biggest crowd reaction as he played it with the baseball bat shaped guitar), Old Man Down the Road, Blue Ridge Mountain Blues, Jambalaya, Rockin All Over the World, Almost Saturday Night.
I was hoping to hear a song or two from his new album he said would be out in Sept. but I guess he's not ready to perform any live yet.

Dennis Mc
San Jose

John Cardoso 30.06.2004 05:01

Hi Dennis!

Man you?re a lucky guy!
I?m from Brazil and I always dreamt to see John
playing live.In 1970 I was 14.We,probably have the same age and i just saw CCR on tapes,about 8 or 10 years ago.I hear their music since 1970.Hope his new album comes soon.
If you know the name of his new album,please tell me.
My E-mail is:

Thanks man!!

John Cardoso
Canoas R.S.


Anonymous 15.08.2005 11:23

i've seen john live twice in the past two years, and i'm only 14, i saw him on july 26 2005 in charlotte NC with frontrow tickets on the tour he's still doing with john mellancamp, and i saw him 11-9-2004 in ashville NC, and i'm not even from NC, i'm from west virginia. John is the only I musician I listen to, litteraly, and CCR is my only band.

Thanks John, I wanna be just like you

Travis Podunavac
Logan, West Virginia

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