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Music Girl 09.04.2005 08:11

Hey guys! What do you guys think of Mardi Gras? I think its ok. However I dont think it is the worst album ever made by a major band. I just think Stu and Cosmo messed it up! I absolutely love Johns songs on the album. Cosmos songs are ok but I just cant stands Stus vioce on this album!!! The first time I heard 'Take it like a friend' I what is this!!? I almost had to cover my ears! Dont get me wrong, he is a VERY good bassist but he cannot sing!! My favorite songs on this album is 'Mary Lou' 'Sweet hitch-hicker' and 'Someday never comes' I read some theads on here that it is about a loved one leaving for war which is not true! You can believe it if you want but is not the truth. There is an interview that explains this song and alot of other creedence hits. This is the web site [url=][/url] Just look around you will not be dissapionted! Hve a great day and ROCK ON!! ps what is you favorite song on the Mardi Gras album?

Anonymous 09.04.2005 23:38

-FRANCE ;Fifthteen April Seventy-Two. This is the day I have bought my copy of MARDI-GRAS. I was waiting for this LP since PENDULUM. That was a terrible day for me. An earthquake happened and I will always remember my deception after a first listening of MARDI-GRAS. Of course 'Sweet Hitch Hiker ' and 'Door To Door' are not really from the Mardi-Gras Sessions .The single was released several months before and was still in the CCR spirit . Hello Mary Lou' 'Someday Never Comes' cannot save this LP from mediocrity. 'Lookin For A Reason ' could have been included in the Blue Ridge Rangers LP. 'Need Someone To Hold ' is a good Doug Clifford tune but there"s no place for these track and the others in a CCR album. The other tracks ,I mean of course the tracks sang by Doug & Stu. The fight between JOHN FOGERTY & FANTASY was started before Mardi-Gras. I'm OK for this appreciation :Mardi-Gras is certainly the worst album ever made by a major band,the World Major Band in Seventy ,Seventy-One. Let's go back to 'Green River ' or Cosmos Factory'. OA

Music Girl 10.04.2005 07:00

Ya those earlyer albums are WAY BETTER than Mardi Gras!!!! I have been trying to get Mardi Gras on cd but I dont have extra money and I dont want to put any money into Fanasys pockets. The only way I hear the songs off of Mardi Gras is I go to cmt web site and listen to 30 seconds of them. Though, I have the Cronical cd and I know 'Sweet hitch-hicker' and 'Someday never comes' Those songs are really good songs! I love to rock to Sweet hitch-hicker and Someday never comes is personal to me. My dad was never and still is never at home so I can relate to the song real good. I hope you have a good day and ROCK ON!!!

John Cardoso 12.06.2005 09:36

Hey,you guys forgot Sail Away!!! I find it a good song too!!But i agree with anonymous,Mardi-Gras is the worst album ever made by a major band.

Travelin' Man 05.01.2008 11:10

I saw Stu Cook on a clip about CCR on VH1's Legends series on John Fogerty and Stu Cook said John told them if you all [Stu and Doug] don't each write a 1/3 of the album he [John] was quitting. It was unfair to put two unexperience song writers on the spot like that. It was like John Fogerty was finding a way for the alum to fail so John could dissolve the band. Maybe John had a hidden message in the opening track "Looking For A Reason" when he sings: "I'm looking for a reason to stay...." and "I'm looking for a reason not to go..."

Travelin' Man 07.05.2009 04:22

Since John Fogerty gave in and the let Stu and Doug write and sing, it makes me wonder if John didn't do this just to speight Tom? But it amazes me how they had a quasi-reunion (that included John Fogerty) on Tom Fogerty's "Zephyr National" album in 1973.

Nately120 14.05.2009 22:27

If I were to rank the Mardi Gras songs:

1. Someday Never Comes
2. Need Someone To Hold
3. Door To Door
4. Sweet Hitch Hiker
5. Tearin' Up the Country
6. Sail Away
7. Lookin' For A Reason
8. Take It Like A Friend
9. Hello Mary Lou

Frankly, I think the Mardi Gras album pales in comparison to Tom's self-titled solo album that came out before it. But that's just me.

Poor Boy 18.06.2009 03:27

Mardi Gras was the poorest LP that may have ever been released by a major RNR artist up to that time. As has been said, John just wanted to call it quits and when the album failed, well, that was it.

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