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Muisc Girl 13.09.2005 08:38


Sep. 10, 2005- Former Creedence Clearwater Revival frontman John Fogerty is returning to the record lable that has been the bane of his existence for decades.

Fogerty said on Friday he has signed with Fantasy Records, which was bought last December by Concord Music Group, the jazz-oriented lable behind Ray Charles' hits album. His forst release will be "The Long Road Home -- The Ultimate John Fogerty - Creedence Collection," a hits package due on November 1.

Creedence, one of the great American bands to emerge in the late 1960's, recorded for Berkeley, Calif.- based Fantasy until it broke up in 1972. Fogerty had signed away his copyrights to such tunes as "Fortunate Son" and "Bad Moon Risin," and spent the ensuing decades in legal battles with Fantasy chaiman, Oscar-winning movie producer Saul Zaentz.

He once immortalized Zaentz in a song called "Zanz Cant Danz," while Zaentz countered with a plagiarism lawsuit, claiming that Fogerty's solo song "The Old Man Down The Road" ripped off the Creedence hit "Run Though The Jungle." The litigation went all the way to the U.S Supreme Court.

"I'm very happy to be back in touch with a part of myself," Fogerty said in a statement announcing his return to Fantasy. "It's surreal. Fo 35 years, I never thought I'd be reunited with the music I wrote during the Creedence Clearwater Revival years."

He added that he and his wife, Julie, contacted senior executives at Concord about a year when the Los Angeles-based company was in the talks to buy Fantasy, which had been the subject of sale rumors for years. The instant attraction was mutual.

It's a happy coincidence that when we bought Fantasy catalog we were also able to sign one of the most relevent and talented singer/songwriters of our generation. We're all enormous fans of his music. He's a big hero here," said Concord co-owner Norman Lear.

"The Long Road Home" will boast 25 tracks, including four tunes recorded live by Fogerty during his U.S tour earlier this year. "Hey Tonight," "Bootleg," "Kepp On Chooglin" and "Fortunate Son." It will also draw from his solo albums, including "Centerfield" and the 2004 release "Deja Vu (All Over Again)."

Additionally, Fogerty plans to release a live DVD early next year. It will be recorded on September 15 during a concert at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles. (abc news)

I personally think this is great!! Does this mean that John will get the copyright to his songs back? All I know is that this is GREAT news!! I hope you have a nice day and ROCK ON!!! PS THE PIG IS FINALLY GONE!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 14.09.2005 15:30

The tracklist of the "Long Road Home" compilation is already on John's official site. Although I'm glad for him that it works out like the way he wanted it I'm a wee bit dissappointed with the tracklist. It's only one CD where two CD's would have been a reasonable option. Some very big Creedence hits had to be dropped. And although the compilation tries to cover John's entire career I can't help noticing several singles John released in 1973-1975 that are not on his official albums. A re-recording of a handful of the best "Hoodoo" tracks would have been nice too.

mary_lou 15.09.2005 17:42

To tell the truth I'm shocked!8) John & Fantasy??? It just can't be true! (Ooh! Evil Saul Zaents!;) But perhaps it's true;))) Lookin' forward to 'Long Road Home'. John rocks!!!
P.S. 'Zanz Cant Danz' is a nice song;) But I thought it is called 'Vanz Cant Danz')))

Anonymous 16.09.2005 01:18

The song was originaly called 'Zanz Can't Danz'. My original first pressing of the Centerfield album has that title. Just to prevent another lawsuit they changed the title into 'Vanz Can't Dance'.

Music Girl 16.09.2005 18:49

If you go to this link you can see what the CD cover to John's new CD looks like. I think it is really cool!!! [url=][/url] I hope you have a nice day and ROCK ON!!!

Music Girl 16.09.2005 18:53

Wait!! That is not the right site!! If you go to it won't work!!!! Go to this site [url=][/url] I hope you have a nice day and ROCK ON!!!

Music Girl 16.09.2005 18:59

This is getting very frustraiting now. If you want to see it go to [url=][/url] and go to the "community" section then, go to message borads. If you look around you will find it! I hope you have a nice day and ROCK ON!!!

Music Girl 19.09.2005 18:58

If you think this signing with Fantasy is going to open the doors for a CCR renion I would say dont count on it any time soon. I found something on line last night that I thought was interesting and I know that it was conducted in last September of 04' but still, I think it clears up any chance of a reunion.

JF"The word isn't forgive, that isn't working for me. You have to forget. After I stopped harboring all that bitterness, the good stuff came in. I'm very proud of the music I made in the early days. And I'm the guy that refused to sing those songs because of how I felt. It alsomst ruined my career, but there was no other way. Some people with ruinous partnerships or bitter split - ups, they'd go out and sing together anyway. I'm not that good an actor, I'd go crazy." I hope you liked it and I hope you have a nice day and ROCK ON!!!

Anonymous 27.09.2005 19:44

These posts are beyond hilarious. Look at the legal record, talk to folks at the old Fantasy. John was and is deluded.

Anonymous 28.11.2005 23:38

JOHN FOGERTY :The Long Road Home FANTASY ( Nov 2005 )
One More CCR / JF compilation. Of course , all is good but was it necessary ? Not even one unreleased track after more than a 35 years carrier. Where all all those nice tunes sometime less known ( On The Run , Sinister purpoose , Comin Down THe Road , Headlines ,Brown Eyed Girl , Pagan Baby , Hoodoo , Cross Tie Walker ,Diggy Lilly Lo , Porterville ,My Toot Toot , It's Just A Though , Workin On A Building , Hideaway , The Wall , Don't Look Now , No Love In You , Premonition , Call It Pretending ,Blue Ridge Mountain Blues) ??? I dont know why they call this the Ultimate Collection . We are far from . I Was expecting better and I am a little bit deceived . OA .Olivier Albot

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