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dragster 02.11.2007 20:17

Artists CCR fans should listen to
New and old!! Not necessarily because they sound LIKE CCR, but because the thrill of the typical CCR sound is there in them and their songs....
Here's my list.....
- Warlocks

- Linda Perry (of 4 Non Blondes)

.................anyone else?!:beer:

quebecguy 18.11.2007 21:11

[COLOR=black]John Fogerty,,,lol[/COLOR]

dragster 03.01.2008 21:52

I took JF for granted of course!!! :)

waffel_boy 26.01.2008 04:35

great artists right there man!
if you got any else bands that could be worth listening to, please tell
pretty please with sugar on the top?

dragster 28.01.2008 14:32

How about Honeytribe...Devon Allman's band...great, new fresh music for ALL ears!! :)


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