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damir 28.12.2009 05:27

starting a CCR tribute band... need a little help...
sorry all, don't know is this is right forum for this question...
i'm starting a CCR tribute band here in Croatia. We don't have any, and me and my friends are now playing in ELVIS PRESLEY tribute band, but we all rather listen and play Creedence.
I was hoping that you can give some advice about name for band...
Don't know what names for tribute bands are in use, and sure it is fun and helpfull to see your suggestions.
My name for band is: MIDNIGHT SPECIALS, and guitar player suggested TRAVELIN BAND... on the other hand, drummer thinks that FORTUNATE SONS will be all right...
Any advice? suggestions?

Voyeur 28.12.2009 09:23

Those sound pretty good...although [I]Midnight Special[/I] is a song Creedence covered from previous artists, so it may not be ideal as it's not a Creedence original song.

You should call yourselves [I]The Bad Moon Risers[/I]! ;)

dutchccr 28.12.2009 13:44

Don't go for The Fortunate Sons, since they already exist. They're a pretty big tribute band over here in The Netherlands.

damir 28.12.2009 20:27

ok, so any other suggestions??

Javier Pérez 29.12.2009 02:16

What about : The unfortunate sons ? or jody's tractor ? or maybe the Water walkers?

Classic Creedence Tribute 23.07.2012 05:49

Name for Tribute
Hi, I've been in a few different Tribute bands and each one had a name directly relating to the band in question. What is important is you have the right management, promotion and product, spread the name everywhere! Be professional, no half measures! Maybe a simple name like
The CCR Tribute Show

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