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Anonymous 20.04.2004 21:47

I need some history of this song in relation to the Vietnam war!HELP PLEASE

Anonymous 01.05.2004 23:29

During the vietnam war, there was a draft to keep the armed forces up to strenght, or manpower. There were those of draft age 18 to 25 that did not want to go and fight. Of those, those who had parents or relatives or close friends in political office, made sure that they had deferments, or did not have to go to fight. Some went into the national guard units in the united states and served their term there, like george w. bush. In short, the song was about those who did not have these connections and were drafted and had to go and fight and possibly die. Hope this helps. GN

Anonymous 08.07.2004 03:10

john carry should use that song for campaing

Anonymous 12.11.2004 00:35

John Carry(sic)? What are you a Republican? Minimal education and intelligence!

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