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Shaun_Musings 07.05.2016 08:09

Not sure if bigger toys count...
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I suppose some of this counts. I have always wanted Creedence's rig. So, here it is... 1967 Kustom 200A4 with all the trimmings in a dual head-setup (took forever to find one, let alone finding another). This is slaved into a 1970 Kustom 400. Six 15" JBL D130Fs pounding. I have a 1964 Fender Concert and a 1974 Fender Vibrolux Reverb, along with a 1974 Fender Twin Reverb. For guitars: Rickenbacker 1997 RM Reissue with a routed third PAF pickup (which needs to be changed to a '57 Classic), and 500 meg pots; 2 Epiphone Les Paul Customs (1 3-pup and 1 2-pup. Fogerty had both as two-pups, I get it); and an ES-175 which badly needs her Epiphone pups swapped.

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