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Anonymous 02.01.2005 05:54

What does 'pumped a lot of pain' mean in proud mary... do you know?????

Anonymous 02.01.2005 06:30

found it.. the word is 'pane' not 'pain' and it means LSD

Anonymous 04.01.2005 01:37

Dear friend. The word is ??tane? (octane, gasoline). John is saying that he pumped a lot of ?tane (gasoline) down in New Orleans. May be he had to work in a gas station. Thank you. Attentively: Ray

Anonymous 07.07.2005 03:57

"IN ANY CASE, by this (sc. 'pane) I was able to pull out of the net what seems to be the correct explanation. According to radio personality Ken Hoffman [[1]]

| I've been having an ongoing debate with a friend about the
| words to Proud Mary. He thinks the lyrics go, "Cleaned a lot of
| plates in Memphis, pumped a lot of `tane down in New Orleans."
| He says 'tane is short for octane, meaning the writer was
| pumping gas. One night I heard Jay Leno say the same thing.
| Here's the correct lyric, straight from the writer John Fogerty:
| "Sometimes I write words to songs because they sound cool to
| sing. Sometimes the listener doesn't understand what I'm singing
| because I'm dedicated to singing the vowel, having fun with the
| word sounds coming out of my mouth. `Cleaned a lot of plates in
| Memphis, pumped a lot of pain down in New Orleans,' is a good
| example. I think Tina Turner sang `tane' instead of `pain,' as
| in a contracted form of octane. But I knew what she meant,"
| Fogerty said."

Anonymous 07.07.2005 03:58

i would think that "pumping pain" would mean shooting heroin, IMHO.

Anonymous 01.03.2006 01:46

Tina sings "pumped a lot of tang" - as in pootie - meaning she worked as a prostitute.


Anonymous 09.03.2006 09:49

hi does anybody know with what sonnete start the song proud of mary

Jim Colyer 23.08.2007 09:35

I agree. It refers to pumping gas.

aehtorod 25.10.2009 13:46

Pumped a lot of tain'
[QUOTE=Anonymous;680]What does 'pumped a lot of pain' mean in proud mary... do you know?????[/QUOTE]

At the risk of being booted off this site before I really begin (at least the moderator will learn the answer, if he or she doesn't already know), I believe the line "pumped a lot of t'ain" refers to "pumping t'aint," which is very creative slang for expressing that the singer worked as a hooker. I won't go into the anatomy lesson in order not to offend the Censorship Department, but those who know, will know. Those who don't know can look it up on [url]'aint[/url]. (It's the second definition.) Have fun!

marcopolo 25.09.2010 04:00

It is a reference to leaded gasoline: "Cleaned a lot of plates in Memphis, pumped a lot of 'thyne down in New Orleans.", meaning Ethyl gasoline. Song references the singer was making ends meet with jobs like dishwashing and pumping gas...

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