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Anonymous 14.11.2003 23:26

Hi everybody,

does anybody know where can I find Harmonica tabs from keep on chooglin'?
I have also heard (not through the grapevine) that there are harmonica tabs from bad moon raising.

anyway, any harmonica tab will be welcomed.

Creedence Clearwater Revival is the true name of Rock and Roll!!!!!

Anonymous 19.04.2004 23:31


frederic gray 22.04.2004 07:50

hello fellow harmonica players,
any websites where i can find popular rock old band music would be greatly appreciated. I found a good one called Visit it, you will get some good songs guys but only if your good, songs are difficult to play!
frederic gray

GratefulDeadBoy 22.04.2004 08:48

[url=][/url] here are some CCR harmonica tabs. but im WARNING you that they are not very complete. just scroll down the page untill you find where all the bands that start with C are

Anonymous 23.04.2004 22:06

I need blues traveller tabs. Michael thanks

Anonymous 29.04.2004 22:20

Still need Blues Traveler tabs. Please help. Michael

Anonymous 07.05.2004 22:17

check out [url=][/url]

Anonymous 07.05.2004 22:18


Anonymous 20.06.2004 01:32

[b][/b] I Can't Find Any Tabs On Any Good Songs

Anonymous 07.07.2004 21:08

If anyon has Blues Traveler tabs please send them to Michael at PLEASE i am DESPRATE!!!

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