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I normally wont comment towards tribute bands as I dont want to sound harsh, I will comment in this particular case heres my objective observations:

*Vocals 100% (The best ive heard so far from a tribute band, not trying to hard, not forcing it, and sort of like John Fogerty in a way)

*Drums 95% (Very Nice, on most songs nearly perfect)

*Bass (Unable to tell from the videos I watched, bass was too boomy to be able to hear him play)

*Lead Guitar 110% (Born on the Bayou was nearly perfect, and Bad Moon Rising was brilliant I thought that was John Fogerty playing on that song)

*Rhythm 80% (Im having trouble hearing him, He should be louder, cant quite catch him, in "Born on the Bayou" hes almost non-existent)

Good job guys
Houston, This is Aquarius signing off.

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