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Old 16.10.2005, 18:14
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My Moms favorite band is CCR.
She`s 83.
I think CCR had a reunion tour a year or several back.
Are there any plans for another?
I`d love to take her to a CCR concert.
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Old 16.10.2005, 19:33
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Sorry to tell you this but CCR quit as a group 16 October 1972 ( today is 33 years ago )
They never go back and play again,there is far to much differences between them.
If you want take Mom to see John Fogerty,look up his tour dates.Stu and Doug touring around as Creedence Clearwater Revisited.
I had the opportunity to see CCR 21 September 1971 in Royal Tennis Hall Stockholm Sweden.Good luck to you and your Mom.
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Old 18.10.2005, 05:28
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And there can not be a reunion,
and cannot have been a real one.
Since Tom Fogerty died 1990.
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Old 18.10.2005, 09:16
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I guess you can only say the only CCR reunion was at Toms wedding in 1980. I used to have pics. of this event but they got deleted. Though, I must say, they were very interesting pictures. I hope you have a nice day and ROCK ON!!!
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Old 03.11.2005, 02:05
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hey hey I'm one of your fav. fans and I'm olny 16-years -old. I've been listening to you since I was a baby (my dad is a big fan also!!!) I was just wondering if you guy can come to saskatoon as soon as you guys can I would love it and I would so be there. thanx
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Old 16.12.2005, 20:46
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Hi, there !!
Mmmh... I wouldn't be so negative about a possible reunion tour...
There's load of examples about badly disbanded groups who ended
up touring together again (more or less happily) for the sake of...
I'm thinking about litigious Yes, fallen apart Split Enz, Deep Purple
and others... unless John, Stu and Doug have accumulated such
an amount of bitterness that no money could win...
It goes without saying that the event of a reunion tour would be
something really great, not only in the States!
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ccr, plan, reunion, tour

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