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Old 28.06.2005, 13:03
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Once for six years the person you love so much makes up his mind to unhang his guitar from the wall, to clean it of dust, to record a new album, to take a ride all over the USA and Europe performing in some cities and towns… And you have no choice but dream of seeing the one that changed your life so much!

One of our local groups named Jiving Bo performs some of the songs by Creedence. If I'm so happy when I hear them playing 'Cotton Fields' or 'Susie Q', I wonder how I would feel at the concert of Creedence Clearwater Revival!

Once I spoke with my good friend. He's much older than I - he's about 46 now.
'Why wouldn't he come to play here? We'd be so glad!..', he said with a look of pain on his face. 'Yeah…', what else could I say? I know he loves his sunny California. Distant Ukraine or Russia (even if guys like Jiving Bo play Creedence songs in the bars here, people like my poor friend miss their youth, and teenagers like me miss what they've never had) - what is it to him?.. And I understand him.

By the way, who taught him to play so wonderfully? Some claim it was 'Swamp Fox' Tony Joe White, but the only one thing I know is that Tony toured with CCR.

Crossroads Blues

The sun's above the hill
I'm standing at the crossroads
The sun's above the hill
All I got to do is go
The sun's shining so bright
I look down, my eyes, they see
The old brown leather shoes
From dawn till night they follow me

Once I met a hobo
He said 'Guy, sell your shoes to me'
Once I met a hobo
I ran he wanted to kill me
With leather cracked and stains
My shoes trampled brown Texas dust
They kissed the ground of Lodi
Wore out as I ran too fast

I know I'm a dreamer
Though they say I'm a liar
I just feel I'm a dreamer
Born somewhere on the Bayou
I've been a cross-tie walker
Sometimes I got nothing to eat
I've met a lot of people
They laughed and pointed at my feet

I'm going to the West
'Cause every cotton ball needs pickin'
Yeah, I'm going to the West
'Cause every rolling stone needs speaking
I'm a poor wanderer
I know I got nothing to lose
No fate no money - nothing
Except my old brown leather shoes
And this crossroads blues...

Anyway, Keep on Chooglin', fellow Chooglers! And you'll see the rain comin' out on a sunny day! )))

Yours Mary Lou
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desperate, john

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