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Old 18.12.2005, 02:08
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Whoever wrote that can Go Fu** themselves. It's not that john fogerty has become a jerk, YOU have become
a jerk. George Bush is trying to destroy the happy, Peaceful world that Creedence, as well as all of there fans hoped to live in somday. Bush is just another fourtunate son, just like the jerk in the song. he lives of of his
daddy's money and dosent care about anything but Money and Oil. You should have voted for Nader. if everyone did that we would have a good, clean Goverment. to the Jerks that have posted the last two comments I say this on the behalf of every peace loving CCR fan:I AINT NO FOURTUNATE SON, I AINT NO FOURTUNATE SON, I AINT NO FOUTUNATE SON, I AINT NO FOURTUNATE SON,I AINT NO FOURTUNATE SON...
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fogerty, john

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