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Originally Posted by Tony Trout View Post
Personally, I think that it's Fogerty playing that memorable bass intro line. I could be incorrect, though. Shouldn't the 2001 multi-CD set have notes on who played what particular instrument? However, if Stu came up with that line, I'll say that he was brilliant in coming up with it.

Stu Cook played the bass on all of the albums.

Fogerty may have made the sheet music for his songs, but it was stu that played that sheet music.

Stu and Doug more or less just did what fogerty instructed of them until the end, that was what caused great internal strain with CCR was John Fogerty's perfectionism, he typically refused to take anyone else's input into consideration, to the point where his own brother left the band so he could make some of the songs he had been saving back.

Go listen to the song "Joyful Resurrection" if you want to hear what CCR would have sounded like if tom were leading instead of john, you'll hear tom's voice and his guitar playing on that track, yet swear you were hearing john. Tom's weakness generally was in song writing, but he could sing just as good as his brother and play just as good too, Joyful Resurrection is arguably the best song he came up with and would have fit right in with any other CCR single.
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